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13 Badass 'Walking Dead' Zombie Kills *GIFs*

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November 16th, 2011

Walking dead is as awesome blood gushing, zombie killing tv show that had a very successful first season. Season 2 has primiered and it is also a sucess which had lead the TV producers to renew a 3rd season. I haven't seen this show because I have been so busy blogging, though I noticed the hype about this show from the numerous amount of facebook and twitter feed mentions of this show.

Upon my research of what this show is about I came across 13 Badass "Walking Dead" Zombie Kills Gifs that I thought was very interesting and would love to share it with you guys.

Check out all this blood gushing action.. if you can stomach it.


Target annihilated!


Head shot!


What the fuck are you looking at?


Looks like a cool aid commercial.


Bulls eye!




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