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Big Shot Movie Star Jeremy Renner Ruins!

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September 28th, 2012

Damnit, that was fast.  Remember when Habitat for Humanity just built houses for the needy?  Then they teamed with banks and now they just get the needy into home loans they can't afford?  Doesn't it suck when something grass roots and Jeremy Renner Ruins Kickstarter.comgood is infiltrated by some greedy big shot who bastardizes the entire meaning of it.  Meet,  once the source of funding for projects that could never get off the ground any other way, now an outlet for big shot movie stars looking to amp up their art-house cred.

A press-release was put out for a project featuring mega actor Jeremy Renner today.  Seriously, we're talking the same Money Bags Renner who recently starred in the billions grossing Avengers movie.  Yeah that guy.  He probably carries enough paper in his wallet to finance this project, but noooooo.  He wants you to.

As if it isn't bad enough that some Hollywood big shot is using Kickstarter to finance his project, the press release also says this:  "INGENIOUS turned down offers from major distributors in favor of raising funds on Kickstarter for their theatrical release."

Pardon me, but doesn't that sound like the exact opposite of what Kickstarter is supposed to be for?  I thought Kickstarter was meant to appeal to the masses to help projects that are outside of the mainstream get funding.  Apparently now you have the option of turning down the big bucks to appeal to the Kickstarter crowd, just to make your project look like it's outside of the mainstream.

Next:  Kickstarter underwritten by Bank Of America?  I smell the sell out from here.

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