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Full Steam Ahead *INFOGRAPHIC*

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March 15th, 2012

Digital and online stores are widely popular in the 21st century. With the incredible success of online shopping and e-commerce markets such as Amazon, online consumerism has taken new shape. After a decade of piracy of movies, music, games, and other digital content, innovative professionals are stepping up to combine the convenience of online and digital markets, without encouraging stolen goods. One such platform for purchasing games, called Steam, is an ingenious digital store built by Valve, and is taking over the industry.

The process is very simple. Users register for an account and download the Steam client. They automatically have access to thousands of games, and can purchase and download them through the client. They are immediately available, and users can then play the games they’ve purchased on any computer. So far, the system is flawless.

Valve knew what it was doing when it came up with this idea. Currently, 58% of PC game sales come from digital distribution, and as of last summer, Steams enjoys 51% of that market. Amazon, the next closest contender, falls short with just an 11% market share.

With numbers like that, it’s no wonder Valve is doing so well. In 2010, Valve brought in more money per employee than Apple or Google, primarily due to the great success of Steam. Despite the exponential growth of Apple products, they’re not winning in this department. About 94% of Steam users are also Windows users. If you’re not into gaming, you may not have heard of Steam, but with this kind of growth, it definitely makes Valve a company worth watching.

Full Steam Ahead
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