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Illuminati in Hip-Hop

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February 2nd, 2010

It’s now 2010, and we can’t get into the sounds and the new types of music because we are, all of a sudden, paying so much attention to this whole Illuminati thing.

We’ve taken this so called ‘movement’ so far out of proportion that people all over the world, me included, have gone out of their way to personally educate themselves on what this is all about. Whether it’s watching video clips, old movies, old music videos, or just in search of one of our friends of the Freemasonry, we’re all trying to development our own knowledge of Illuminati’s true meaning.

Now over the years, there have been many rappers and musical artist to use the term in their songs, interviews, or books. Does this really mean we should no longer listen to them and be fans of their work? Or is this simply entertainment at its best and a great way to pull the audience in? I ask because if you think about it, that’s exactly what has taken place. Most of us have been brainwashed to the point where we don’t even realize that we are giving these artist the attention they all desire. That’s what entertainers do, ENTERTAIN.  Many artists are attention seekers who will do anything possible to get their crack at the limelight. Therefore, every time you choose to critique or speak your opinion about their work, that’s a point for them. The more points they get, the more recognition they receive; and guess what comes with all this recognition….SALES. Make sense? Well, if it doesn’t to you, it does to them. The way I see it, they have us all right where they want us.  We’ve heard the term from Mobb Deep, they’re platinum. We’ve heard it from Dr. Dre, he’s platinum. Nas had mentioned it, he’s platinum. It’s all surrounded Jay-Z for a while now, need I say more? These platinum-selling artist have all been in the picture while Illuminati was being discussed and in some of your eyes while this has been such a major issue and has caused so much drama, they are all just rolling along, minding their business and enjoying their success while being on top of this game we call Hip-Hop.

When it all comes down to it, the real question is: What does Illuminati have to do with the music itself? If anyone feels like they can answer this question, I would love to hear what they would have to say. Are we wrong for listening to music which talks about this stuff? Whatever happened to just being a fan of the art? It is well understood that Illuminati is supposed to have this huge connection with not only the events of 9/11, but also the assassinations of very important figures of our lifetime and we will forever pay homage to those people involved in those terrible events. However, we really don’t have to connect these dots like some of us are really trying to. That was what it was and even though it was very unfortunate, we shouldn’t make it apart of the whole music industry. It’s bad enough that those horrible things even had to happen, that’s not add to it and help it’s growth by playing into it all.

Too many people have gotten caught up in the smaller picture and have forgotten all about just listening to the lyrics and simply enjoying the music. With the uprising of this whole topic, for some reason everybody thinks that they must have an input and a chance to express how they feel about it all.  That’s not, at all what the music is about. It’s about the culture itself. It’s about the beats. It’s about the wordplay. It’s about the creativity and style. Why bring in all the unnecessary negativity from the outside world into the world that we’ve all grown to love so much? We are throwing dirt on our game and watering it down. Just like you wouldn’t want someone to track dirt in your house after you’ve just swept, we don’t want to begin ruining what we call our music. We’re looking at the small things a little bit too hard and not fully enjoying the music like we should. We’re so busy trying to figure out what’s wrong with it and what’s bad about it.

I feel like we are listening to hard for these things to be in the music and it to be a part of the acts of our artist and we are losing sight of enjoying the music for what it truly is. With that said, is there any real reason we should play into this hype or is it all just FYE? You decide.


by Josh Rose

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