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Justin Bieber In Trouble For Tweeting

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March 27th, 2012

Justin Bieber is an active on Twitter, but earlier this month he found himself in hot water after tweeting. Photo via

At least two people in Texas, don't have Bieber fever and now the pop celeb is in hot water over an online prank via the social media network Twitter.

Earlier this month pop singer Justin Bieber tweeted a random phone number, with the final digit missing, teasing his fans and hinting that it was his personal line. In addition to the phone number the Tweet said "call me right now," something hard for his fans to resist.

Now he's facing legal action after two households in Texas were inundated with more than 1,000 Bieber fans who guess the wrong missing digit.

The two victims, who are so far only identified as a woman named Dilcie and a man named Kent have talked to lawyers about the prank gone bad and are no tinkering with the idea of launching legal action against the singer.

A lawyer for the pair describes Bieber's behavior as “reckless,” according to It's an old school phone prank, but verges on malicious when you combine the simple prank with 19 million Twitter followers.

TMZ states that Dilice and Kent were harassed without any break by fans hoping to reach Bieber and that their patience began to wear thin when their phone was ringing thousands of times a day. The lawyer says that his clients should compensated in the form of concert tickets for Dilicie's grandchildren, an apology from the singer himself or even some form of monetary payment.

Bieber who is busy promoting his newest single, “Boyfriend,” has not made any comment about the incident yet. However, the tweet that caused the whole mess has now been deleted.

[Story via NY Daily News]

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