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Keeping up with Kardashians in Denial

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February 21st, 2010

If you watch “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” the headlines that have been said about Kourtney’s baby daddy Scott Disick should come to no surprise at all.  Ever since his little drunken episode in Las Vegas for Kim’s birthday dinner, it seems that Scott has been labeled the “bad boy villain” on the hit show.

But his behavior has taken his “bad boy” image beyond television. It has recently been reported that Scott has been living up to his scumbag reputation of the “compulsive cheater” and has been M.I.A ever since the baby was born.  As much as the family defends Scott’s behavior, saying that everyone gets along, evidence may prove other wise.   If you watch the show, the family seems to contradict that statement when they are not being filmed.  Magazines such as Us Weekly and OK! Magazine have been very consistent when it comes down to the true feelings of Scott. But, lets just take a look at past episodes of this “Brady Bunch” family. Last episode there was a brutal fight between Rob and Scott in Las Vegas and Scott seemed to show no respect to Kris when she repeatedly asked him to sober up. Or how about when Khloe slapped him then had to go to anger management therapy! Or, when it has been said over and over again how Kourtney should have left Scott right before the douche bag knocked her up. Seriously Kardashians, you really think your audience is that stupid?

Recently on E! News, Giuliana Rancic (host of E! News) sat down with Scott and Kris Jenner and basically bombarded them with personal questions about his relationship with the family.  This is where questions and rumors arose that the show maybe somewhat staged. When asked why Scott and Kourtney have not yet married or how Scott feels about crowned the “villain” of the show, he was deeply offended and doesn’t understand why he received such a title.  Could it be that you have been caught cheating on Kourtney or that you have been seen partying the night away leaving Kourtney alone to take care of your son? During the interview, Kris was defending Scott saying that he is not the villain and addressing the marriage question saying, “they just don’t want to get married.” Viewers, please keep in mind that Kris Jenner is a publicist and her main job description is to sell her product. She makes her money by keeping her product (Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney) in the media.  Of course she is going to defend Scott because it sells the show and adds more drama (maybe even a plot line). Stayed tuned….


by Danielle Mitropoulos

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