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Beyonce Knowles Lip Syncs 57th Presidential Inauguration Ceremony Performance

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January 22nd, 2013

beyonce knowles lip sync

After a striking performance at Barack Obama's 57th Presidential Inauguration Ceremony, creating headlines such as "Beyonce Knowles Wows at the Inauguration Ceremony", and even creating big buzz on twitter and facebook to how perfect her singing on the national anthem was. Today we found out it was indeed too perfect to be true!

A rep of the Marine Corp is now accusing Beyonce Knowles of lip-syncing " The Star Spangled Banner". The rep said that the multi platinum artist, after practicing numerous hours, decided to play a pre-recording at the very last minute.

?All music is pre-recorded for the ceremony because there are so many eventualities and conditions that day,? Kristin DuBois told The Post. ?We performed, live, the band. But we received last-minute word that Beyonce was going to use the pre-recorded vocal track. Those were the instructions we were given. We don?t know what the reason why.?

See the performance:

Many of Beyonce Knowles fans will be disappointed by this shocking news not even a day after the performance. Beyonce was seen giving her all in a very patriotic and spirit filled manner. She even dramatically removed her ear piece, indicating that she was confident with her singing and no longer needed to hear herself to see if she was on rhythm This jester is now looked at as pure B.S.

Are you disappointed in Beyonce? Or do you think that it O.K. to lip-sync?

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