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Unaired Episode Of Busta Showing The Not So Gangsta Rapper Tyga

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December 11th, 2012

TMZ leaked an unaired episode of "Bustas", an MTV show, last week showing rapper Tyga talking about his life. Tyga has given people the perception that he is a hardcore rapper from the streets and struggled through life.

Did the unaired episode of Busta show the real Tyga? When on Bustas, Young Tyga at age 14 told the world about his life, he said he was from a well to do family where his mom drives a range rover. The young Tyga didn't seem so cool back then, on the show he seemed anxious and obnoxious, as many young men are.

After this leak, many people started clowning Tyga behavior on the show, they started wondering who is the real Tyga, is it this clown on TV or is the the cool guy in his rap videos.

Tyga came out denying everything stating that he was lying on the TV show:

Tyga Tweeted on December 3rd:

Check out the "Bustas" footage of Tyga:



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