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NBA Unveils Shirts With Player Twitter Handles

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March 29th, 2012

The NBA has raised the bar when it comes to Social Media engagement. Surf over to the NBA Store and you'll discover the league has what it calls a "Has Handle" line.

Genius is the best way to describe this.

Pictured above is the NBA Exclusive Collection New York Knicks Jeremy Lin Has Handle T-Shirt (SOURCE: NBA Store)

Not only do you get the player's Twitter handle on the back of the shirt but they have a hashtag in front of the logo. The shirts will retail for $23.99, but I've paid more for NFL Football Jerseys so that doesn't matter.

This brings a whole new meaning to "following a person on Twitter" (Yes. I've been wanting to say that since I saw the shirts.) Now it seems the Twitter movement, for NBA stars, becomes even more personal.  It's one thing to see on your account how many followers you have. To go to the game and see fans wearing you handle on their back, well, that takes it to a whole different plain of existence.

Some of the players you'll find on the Has Handle t-shirts site are Jeremy Lin (@JLin7), Chris Paul (@CP3), Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5), Carmelo Anthony (@CameloAnthony), and Dwyane Wade (@DwyaneWade).

Not only does this identify a fan base, the shirts also reach out to a market for small businesses that may never have thought about a product such as this.  I'm sure you're going to have copycats coming out very soon with their own hashtag design for their shirts.  The NBA has opened a whole new door for other industries such as music, products, and celebrities to emulate the same behavior.

It's funny: Back in the day you wore your favorite player's jersey to show your allegiance.  Now you wear not only their jersey, but their hashtag  and their Twitter handle. If you don't think Social Media and Sports can't get any cooler, stand by. I'm sure we're in for more surprises.



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