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Nicki Minaj vs Keys: Real beef or a publicity stunt?

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April 14th, 2010

So it begins! During most new artists rise to the top or instant shot of fame there is always the backlash. From Fabolous and Ali Vegas in the late 90s to Remy Ma and Lady Luc, rap beef has been prominent in the industry.

Not only is it great buzz for either artists career but it’s great entertainment for the masses. By now whether you hate her or love her we all know her name: Nicki Minaj aka “Bad Bitch” as she often says of herself in her lyrics.” It feels like she is becoming the Marilyn Monroe of hip hop over night. Whether or not you like Minaj the woman is everywhere and in almost every conversation. From her wigs, to her leggings, to her rather large behind you know her. Girls/women emulate her style. Donning themselves Barbie after the self proclaimed “Harajuku Barbie.” As the first lady of Lil Wayne’s Young Money she is the 2nd biggest act on the label after the Prince of Young Money ,Drake. Her mixtape “Beam Me Up Scotty” put her on the map as the next “big thing” in hip hop. Lil Wayne took her under his wing and the rest is history.


Depending upon musical taste some may call her rhymes “laffy taffy” lyrics while others may think she is on the level of some of her predecessors such as Eve and Lil Kim. Many of her lyrics summed up in one sentence are her voice in a little girls tone that sometimes is actually very cute spewing about shopping sprees, sexual fantasies, a Barbie lifestyle and how she is “the bestest”, shutting all non Barbies and other “rap bitches” down. (Her words, not mine.) I must admit that many of the lyrics are catchy as I have some Minaj tracks in my Ipod as I’m sure many others do. I’m a part of the crowd that doesn’t have much opinion of her rap style either way, but some do

Rapper Keys who before this week I must admit I’ve never seen or heard of begs to differ with Minaj calling herself the “baddest chick” in the rap game. I was a bit confused at first being that I swore that Miami rapper Trina had dubbed herself the “baddest chick” years ago. In any event Keys and Minaj now have some sort of cyber/You Tube beef. Since I’ve heard enough of Minaj to know her lyrical content I decided to listen to what this Keys had to say. It’s about a 3 minute diss over Minaj’s “Itty Bitty Piggy” track and dare I say, Keys is not half bad and Ms. Minaj may have some competition if not already knocked out by Ms. Keys. Ultimately Minaj who is already signed, and is in the game making money doesn’t have to give into the beef being that no matter how much better any rapper is, she is where they may eventually want to be. Minaj answers Keys not with a rap diss but with a video message wondering why she is coming for her and letting her know she has already made it and doesn’t need to argue with “virtual unknowns” for lack of a better word.

This could all very well be a publicity stunt. Either way it’s working. Key’s diss has garnered more than half a million comments. Of course some supporting her and others condemning her for coming for the Barbie Minaj. All in all I think this beef is quite funny and entertaining and one that I will continue to tune into. Who knows Keys may become the next “baddest bitch” and someone may come for her title.


by Saida Mitchell

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