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P Diddy Gets Mad At Non Ciroc Vodka Drinker *VIDEO*

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October 5th, 2011

P Diddy attended a welcome home party for T.I. in Atlanta, he got on the mic and started shouting out T.I. and Jeezy. All of a sudden drunken Diddy spotted someone in the crowd drinking a Grey Goose Vodka. If you didn't know Diddy owns 1/2 of Ciroc Vodka and is the spokes person, this deal has increased Diddy's wealth big time. Grey Goose Vodka is a competitor of Diddy, and we all know how much Diddy hates competition.

Diddy started going off at the guy in the crowd who wasn't drinking his brand of Vodka. Diddy had some ice in a cup he was drinking from, he took the ice out and threw it at the individual in the crowd. This is when things got a little crazy. T.I. then stepped in and took the mic from Diddy trying to calm the crowd.

Here is the snippet T.I. speach Via Zimbo:

What’s going on in this muthaf–ka. I’m going to tell you like this, you will not f–k my hundred million up for nothing in this muthaf–ka. I don’t give a f–k what’s going on. I ain’t for that fight s–t. I will get the f–k on out of this b—h and let ya’ll have it. I’ve done enough time. Ain’t nobody else in this muthaf–ka talking about fighting and have did time. I ain’t trying to do it. Puff you got too much money for that sh-t nicca. Let that nicca drink what the f–k he wanna drink, f–k that s–t. They ain’t getting money for drinking that sh-t, they paid to drink that sh-t. I love you and will go to war for you but come on man!


another angel of the video


I am a big fan of Diddy and I respect his business savvy ways, but I think this was just a very inappropriate move. I hope he pulls a T-Pain and blame it on the Alcohol.

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