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Sexy Body Revealing Music Videos!

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April 14th, 2010

Window Seat” by Eryka Badu is to Guys as “How Does It Feel” by D'Angelo was to the Ladies. There has been many music videos and a few have been sexually explicit  videos that has cause controversy. Is it going too far or is it pushing the limits of artistic expression further.

Ever since Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat” video has come out, a few weeks ago, I been constantly hearing different opinions and discussions about the video’s plot and the meaning behind it all. Well, not really but it all sounds so good. All I been hearing about is how sexy Erykah’s body is. Not only have all of my guy followers said something about how crazy her body is, but even half of my female followers have made comments about how Badu’s body has had them left with their mouths open. Once you see the video for yourself, if you haven’t already, all this talk will make sense. Badu, who is usually known for her famous hair wraps and her very artistic expression through her fashion, stepped a little outside the box in this one.  In this video, she walks the public streets of Dallas, Texas, while stripping off all of her clothes. For men, and possibly some women, this is the video that we’ve always wanted to see from Erykah.

Sometime within the last two weeks, Badu has surely been the topic of discussion in every barbershop and beauty salon, reminds me of another video craze that every woman across America used to have. Anybody remember D’Angelo’s “How Does it Feel” video? I’m sure you do. This was the video that took the music world by storm. Ladies will tell you that when he released this video in early 2000, revealing everything from the waist up, they all rushed home from work and school hoping to catch it’s airing on BET, MTV, or ANYWHERE else they could see it; I’m sure if YouTube was as big back then as it is now, then females would’ve worn the video out for sure. This is the same way us men feel about this new “Window Seat” video. It’s one of those things where we all remember where we were exactly when we first looked at it. On top of that, we get the advantage of living in the YouTube era, so basically we can see the video WHENEVER we want! Thank goodness for technology.

For those who haven’t seen the two videos, tune in below:

D'Angelo - How Does It Feel

Eryka Badu - Window Seat


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