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Tiger Woods and wife Elin Norgedren getting divorced?

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April 14th, 2010

Recent reports from Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Frazier stated that Elin and Tiger are officially divorcing. While the speculations are not yet confirmed, Elin’s recent actions have led a clear string of misunderstanding.

She was last spotted leaving the Masters to head to Arizona right before the end. Although she made the attempt to show up and support Tiger, she is fed up with the strain on the marriage and his failed promises of taking more time off.

Frazier was quoted Saying:

"For weeks now there have been rumors that Tiger Woods and Elin might reconcile and save their marriage. It was believed by going to sex rehab Tiger had done just enough to keep his family together. But sources have told me that the marriage is indeed over,"

Frazier Also Added:

"Evidence? Well, the fact that Elin was on a plane, in the air, headed to Arizona during the final round of the Masters. Usually, with her husband in contention at his biggest tournament, she would be there waiting for him in case he won; instead she made a plan so that she would be in the air while Tiger was playing.

"The couple hasn't spoken for quite some time and it is believed that all they have to do is work out a few more details on their divorce and they can sign the divorce decree and both can move on with their lives,"

Although still alleged, I can honestly say this divorce was inevitable given the fact noone in their sane mind would want to stay with someone who slept with over 20 other women, including his neighbor's daughter whom they knew since she was a child. Would you, for a couple of billions of dollars? Would you be able to withstand the pressure from the media, friends, and family from all directions?

by Mila Braz

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