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Top 10 Best Uses of Auto-Tune in Rap & Hiphop

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November 8th, 2010

Before Jay-z killed the Auto-tune in the rap and hip hop game with his song “DOA” (death of Auto-Tune) these sounds ruled the radio ways and music video countdowns.  Plenty of rappers and singers used the auto-tune to make their verses sound very good and some even became classics.

Singer/Rapper T-pain was not the originator but he is credited for making it very popular because his first song and album was all with the help of the auto-tune.  Other rappers such as lil wayne and Kanye West have milked the Auto-tune dry but at their peak it was all you will hear.  It was a time when lil Wayne will not spit a rap without the Auto-tune and Kanye did a whole R&B (yes R&B) album with just Auto-tune.  No wonder why Jay-z wanted to kill it.  But before then, there were plenty of songs that made us dance or just say wow.  Here are the best used Auto-Tune in a song before its death.

10. The originator of the Auto-tune T-pain starts off the countdown with first song.  It was an Anthem for a while.

T-Pain - I'm Sprung

9.  This is Young Jeezy’s song but it was Kanye’s verse in the end with the help of the Auto-tune and a couple of funny and crazy lyrics that made the song very good.

Young Jeezy - Put On ft. Kanye West

8.  Dipset came out with their version of the auto-tune featuring Rob Brown and I guess they figured they should give it a try since everybody is doing it.  It was a good club song though.

Jim Jones, Ron Browz - Pop Champagne ft. Juelz Santana

7.  After his feature with Dipset using the Auto-Tune Rob Brown decided to experiment with his own single by using it on his single “Jumping out the window” and he received a lot of playing time on the radios for that.

Ron Browz - Jumping (Out The Window)

6.  With his first single of his all Auto-tune R&B Album, Kanye dropped the song “Heartless” and even had a very cool concept for the video by making it in animation.

Kanye West - Heartless

5.  This was the top song by BET for 2009.  With the help of T-pain, Jamie Foxx used the auto-tune to claim the best song of 2009 according to BET and it was a major club anthem.

Jamie Foxx featuring T-Pain - Blame It ft. T-Pain

4.  This was probably the most recent song that received the most success of the Auto-tune but I believe this song would have been a hit with or without the help of the Auto-Tune.

Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow

3.  This song rule the radios and the video was played so much that it was retired from bet 106andpark.  It was always named the BET best video of 2008 at the end of the year countdown.

T-Pain Feat. Young Joc - Buy U A Drink

2.  As his first sing off lil Wayne’s best album to date, it was a major step to helping him sell over 1 million copies in a day when his album was released.

Lil Wayne - Lollipop ft. Static

1. This one might even shock everybody but I will jock all your memories back to 1996 when tupac came fresh out of jail and teamed up with Dr. Dre.  They created an anthem for California and it was Tupac’s stamp that he was back in the game.

2Pac - California Love


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