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1 in 3 People Answers Their Mobile Phone During Sex

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September 28th, 2012

answering phone during sexA study conducted by Vodafone on more than 2,000 adults relieved that many people have such hectic lives that they feel as though its o.k to answer their mobile phones during very intimate moments.

The study revealed not only that a third of the adults think it’s fine to answer the phone while having sex, but that 51% although thought it was perfectly okay to answer a call at a wedding.

54% had no problem answering the phone while at diner, and 57% said it was oh to take a call while taking a sh*t. Though the results showed that it was more men than women who feel comfortable talking on the phone while on the potty.

Vodafone Consumer director Srini Gopalan commented:

“It seems as a nation we’re desperate not to miss out on the latest gossip no matter what we’re up to.

But this doesn’t mean you have to take a call even when you’re responding to the call of nature, having a romantic dinner or in bed."

This study revealed that cellphones are now a very important part of our everyday lives. Almost everyone has received very important conversations via a mobile phone!

25% of people have been offered jobs, 15% have been told about the birth of a child, and 1% has been proposed to via their mobile phone.

Surprisingly though, many people think that the art of a conversation is dying out, many feels that social media and text base communication is killing the personal interaction. One in five people think that people are not having great listening skills due to the technology independent.

Let’s face it, can you really pay attention to a conversation while eating, at a wedding, having sex or even taking a sh*t? No matter though, cellphones are here to stay and it’s not just a part of our everyday lives!

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