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43% Of Single Women Carry Sexy Undies In Their Purse...Just In Case

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February 9th, 2012

43% of women say they pack sexy undies in their purse

Ah yes, the age-old dating conundrum every woman has faced: do you wear the body-sculpting underwear and look great in your cloths? Or do you go with the lacy panties and look good out of them?

The former is the more conservative route, for sure; but the latter, while more adventurous, may actually make it more difficult to get to the no-clothes part of a date at all. So it really is quite a quandary.

Or it used to be, anyway. Today, almost half of all single women have figured out the solution to this dilemma: start out wearing the body-sculpting underwear, pack the sexy ones in the purse just in case the date goes really well.

According to a new survey of 2,500 adults, 43% of women admit that they keep sexy panties in their purses.

Apparently the idea is that they’ll get the best of both worlds: shapely curves with the clothes on to seduce the opposite (or same) sex, but much sexier stuff once the seduction is complete. Win, win.

Really, body sculpting underwear isn't so bad, is it? Hell, this stuff is better than a lot of "regular" underwear.

Of course, this is awesome news for dudes—and not because we care all that much if women wear body-sculpting underwear, because according to the same survey 40% of us do not.

No, it’s awesome news because it means that 43% of women are thinking, “hey, you never know, maybe I’ll be getting some action to night.” Because, for men, the more women thinking that, the better—whether you’re married and the woman is your wife, or you’re single and the woman is that cute girl at your gym.

Still, I have to wonder how accurate this survey is. So ladies, let’s hear it: do you carry a spare set of sexy undies in your purse for unexpected special occasion?

Inquiring minds want to know.



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