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8 Strange Savory Cupcakes from Across the Country

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October 10th, 2011

I know what you're thinking .. savory cupcakes? Usually, when cupcakes come to mind, words like "sweet" and "sugary" come to mind. These 8 bakeries from across the country have put their own creative spin on the popular confection.

1. Maple Bacon Cupcake

Kumquat Cupcakery in Brooklyn, NY tops its menu off with a maple bacon cupcake made with maple-cinnamon cake, topped with vanilla frosting and a nice, think cut of bacon straight from Vermont.


2. Chili Chili Bang Bang

Cynthia Kallile of the Meatloaf Bakery in Chicago makes a cupcake out of the ultimate comfort food: meatloaf. This chili-inspired meatloaf made with beans and ground beef is topped with cheddar cheese corn-bread. While this isn't really a cupcake at all, Kallile's recipe is certainly inspired by the comfort as well as appearance of your typical cupcake. Despite the strange combination, her customers rave about the creativity of her recipe.

3. Tomato Basil Parmesan

An Italian cupcake for those who prefer the savory to the sweet. Bliss Cupcake Cafe in Fayetteville, Arkansas has a menu filled with 30 different flavors and variations of cupcake. This one, however, is the only savory one they offer, but it is certainly a crowd pleaser. Surrounded by options such as chocolate milkshake cupcakes and marshmallow brownie cupcakes, this savory flavor certainly stands out. The cupcake boasts tomatoes from a local farmer's market and is topped by delicious imported Parmesan cheese.


4. Lasagnettes

Another not-so-classic spin on an Italian classic. Matthew Poley, a Los Angeles caterer, makes these "lasagnettes" with fresh pasta in various combinations. His most popular one? Slow-braised short rib with cippolini onions and Robiola cheese. Other options include a veal osso buco with saffron and parmesan lasagnette, a smoked mac-n-cheese lasagnette, and a porchetta with fennel and mozzarella lasagnette. The list doesn't stop there!


5. Bacon White Truffle

Patty Rothman, at More in Chicago, creates cupcakes that are sweet, as well as those that are on the more flavorful side. She makes one called the BLT cupcake with, you guessed it, bacon, tomato, and an onion-garlic cream cheese frosting. On the fancier side of her menu, she presents two versions of the Bacon White Truffle cupcake. One is garnished with fresh-shaved white truffles, while the other is garnished with truffle salt-tossed popcorn.



6. Milwaukee

This cupcake creation by Linda Hurst was inspired by the city of Milwaukee. In fact, all her cupcakes at Cities Cupcakes are inspired by various cities in the beautiful USA. Most of these cupcakes, however, are your typical sweet confections, but Milwaukee ain't so sweet. This cupcake is made with Budweiser beer and crispy fried onions. How's that for savory?


7. The Lox

A seafood cupcake is just about as savory as it could get, right? That's what Mona Wilson of It's a CupCake in Philadelphia thought! In her delicacies, Mona uses shrimp, salmon, tuna, oysters, and even lobster. For The Lox, Mona tops a scallion cake with chive & smoked salmon cream cheese.


8. Chocolate-Covered Potato Chip

This one may just be my personal favorite on the list. At Over the Rainbow Cupcakes in Palm Springs, the bakers have created a menu properly titled the "Wild Side Menu" featuring cupcakes such as the Chocolate Jalapeno cupcake, Chocolate Olive Oil cupcake, and Sweet Miso Caramel Almond Coconut. This particular cupcake is covered with crushed potato chips and a chip dipped in dark chocolate, making the perfect combination of sweet and salty!



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