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Disney-Loving Woman Gets Extreme Tattoo Covering Her Entire Back

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February 3rd, 2012

Everyone feels the need to express themselves. Some people do it through music, some do it through paintings, some do it through the written word—and some do it through tattoos.

And when you think about it, tattoos make an awful lot of sense. After all, the act of getting a tattoo is, quite literally, taking what you feel on the inside and putting it on the outside. If you take the process seriously—thinking about and planning what tattoo you want to get, and finding a good tattoo artist who can best realize your vision—it can be very artistic.

So what if you’re into getting inked, and one of the things you love most is the classic animated Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarves? You get a Snow White tattoo, obviously. But the question is, where and how big?

Well, for a 27-year-old Taiwanese woman named Annfaye Kao loves, the answer to this question was “on my back” and “as big as you can f@#$ing make it.”

The diminutive ink-loving woman has such a fondness for Snow White that she got this amazing tattoo of various characters from the movie over her entire back.

The whole process took three months and was extremely painful. But Kao didn’t give up, and all her suffering paid off—the tattoo has earned her a lot of fame among tattoo experts and afficianados. It even won the award for Best Female Tattoo at the 2010 Singapore Tattoo Convention.

Kao explains, "The motive for the tattoo started in a dream. It reminded me of my childhood and my love for Snow White as she is so beautiful...Snow White is a part of my childhood and therefore me, so I’m happy I will have it on me forever—it reminds me of my princess dream.”

The only problem? The tattoo masterpiece is on her back. So I guess if she wants to enjoy it, she’s got to set up a couple of mirrors in her house.

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