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Men Fashion Mistakes Part I

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March 29th, 2010

We all have heard the saying “dress to impress”, but how can you impress people if you’re looking like a fool and don’t even know it? Well here a few common fashion mistakes that men do and need to stop. Immediately.


Phone Pouches
This is definitely a no-no; I see many guys having a phone pouch clipped to their belt yet they don't realize how tacky it is or how tacky they look. It looks like you have a tool kit stuck to your side; the best thing to do is get a sleek phone that you can stick in your pocket without causing a bulge.

Sneakers with Everything
Sneakers were made to for activities such as basketball, tennis, track, etc. Many people use this as a fashion statement now. I won’t lie I use to be one of them, until my girlfriend taught me otherwise.  There are many other options out there, personally I like; Steve Maddens, Aldo’s or Converses to wear with my jean pants.

Fitted Shirt with Baggy Jeans
Wow, how silly does that sound? We have mirrors people. I think one thing many people do incorrectly is not fully convert their closet, if you want to wear baggy clothing please have your whole outfit baggy; skinny - keep the whole outfit skinny.

Wrong Color Socks
Choosing the right color sock is not as hard as you think, many people think: socks = white, incorrect. If you are wearing black shoes and blue pants, PLEASE no white socks, wear black socks, if you are wearing black pants with black shoes, please choose black socks; keep in mind white colored socks is not the only color.

Belt & Shoes
Let’s go back to the basics, a black belt and a brown shoe is incorrect, your belt should always match your shoes. Your belt and shoes tie your outfit together, and with the right belt and the right shoe you can make your outfit great.

Incorrect under Shirt
If you are wearing a dress shirt, please wear a v-neck shirt underneath, it doesn’t look good if your undershirt is a crew neck. Just tacky.


by Maurice Cox

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