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January 10th, 2010

Have you ever met someone who walks around thinking that they can do certain things based on their name sake? You know, people who need not have any sort of excuse for their behavior because their under the impression that they are untouchable and that it's ok. Guess what. It's not ok. They are a human being, just like I am. What's the difference between us and them (Spades jargon)? If they are celebs, they have multi-platinum albums, fancy clothes, and bad attitudes while we're humbled with ambition and student loans… pieces of both sides would be nice, but let’s be real. Get a grip and stop making myths out of morons. “Shall I proceed? Yes indeed.”

The song that I think fits best with everything I'm about to say is "Roses"- Outkast.

These big egos are everywhere. Here are some examples on a less notable, but certainly recognizable level (just so we can keep this all in perspective):

1. The athlete from your Division 3 school who walks around like he's the shh.., but will never EVER go pro.

2. The guy or gal who had no friends or social life, but then joined a fraternity or sorority and now thinks he or she is better than everyone else.

3. The guy who validates where he is in life with how much money he makes. (if you know nothing else about him, you know where he works, how much he makes, and know that he’s either single because he’s too annoying for anyone to put up with his crap. If he’s dating, the person he’s with is probably using him for everything he’s got or is just as big of an airhead as he is).

They act like idiots, and for every 2 people who think they're idiots, there are 3 more who practically worship them and therefore call this behavior acceptable. These people are placed on social pedestals where they are in fact undeserving. Let's discuss the VMA.

So I watched the epic fail that was the VMA (I watch every Music Awards Show from a critical standpoint because of my major. Don’t ever expect to listen to any music with you for the sole purpose of enjoying it)... Arguably, it was much better put together than the BET Awards. Credit to BET who only had 3 days to put together an MJ Tribute while MTV had 2.5 months. It starts with the MJ Tribute with a beautiful speech by Madonna. The tribute was cool except for the dude who messed up the "Smooth Criminal" lean (yes sir, everyone saw you). Janet did her thing, and that was clearly hard for her, but beautiful nonetheless. (None of this relevant to anything I’m about to say, but I’m just highlighting the good parts because it was downhill afterward).

Okay... first category we have Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift, and probs some other people whose names fail me right now nominated for this award. If you follow me on twitter, you know this was the first of a few instances where I had to put my foot in my mouth. I distinctly said there was no way Taylor Swift would win against Bey and Lady Gaga and she proved me wrong (see tweets). Sho’ nuff, she won herself a Moon Man.

I was happy for her thinking "wow you know what, I'm happy for her. This is a magic moment for her. I'll let it rock because I don't think she'll win for the rest of the night anyway." Within seconds, here comes Kanye charging on the stage to steal her shine and discuss how Beyonce should have won...
“Yo Taylor, I’m happy for you... and Imma let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the greatest videos of ALL TIME!” – Kanye West

Okay... first of all... Kanye, I agree with you... but seriously? Not the time nor place. This poor girl couldn't have had her moment? You tool. And Kanye's behind didn't win anything so he was in no position to be acting out of character over an award that he wasn’t even nominated for. I want to know how and when along the way Kanye developed this ego the size of Nebraska and why we've tolerated it for so long.
If you go back to his College Dropout days and listen to some of his lyrics, Hov used to constantly put him in his place and for a long time people thought Kanye wasn't shh... congrats on your number one records, your non-win at the VMA... you're still an a-hole and now everybody hates you and what you did.  People get a little bit of liquor in their systems and want to act crazy. No bueno, my Ninja.
So Taylor got her moment when Bey shared the stage... though I do feel a little bit funny about the fact that Taylor didn't thank Bey publicly... in any case Hov came and had a glorious performance, except when Lil' Mama thought everyone from NY was entitled to come on the stage. Glad you were inspired, but you could have been inspired from your seat. Thanks. Now the world is tight at you because you ruined Jay-Z’s moment.

So then I got to thinking about how some celebs get these egos and how people have let it slide for so long. I feel like no one really got at Kanye's neck until last night and I feel like some celebs walk around with this chip on their shoulder because no one will reprimand them (in many cases, they're right). This isn't Kanye's first meltdown (though after the public backlash, this may be the last) and this certainly isn't the first time anything like this has happened.
O.D.B.'s Grammy fail...

This goes beyond color lines, so anyone who wants to say that black people are being undermined from shining are delusional. Exhibit A: President Barack Obama and any other successful black person who has made when the odds were against them. And you want to know something? President Obama? Humble. Beyonce? Humble. They can walk into a room and demand respect by simply standing there. No outlandish behavior. No disrespect. Straight chillin'.
If you're mediocre with an inflated ego, there is no room for you on that stage and if I were Taylor Swift I would have snatched the mic right back and hit Ye over the head with it. Behavior like that from any human being, no matter where you are in society's hierarchy is completely inexcusable and I hope that he calms down after that poor display of showmanship. None of you are superhuman. Some of you aren't even talented. Relax.

I'm Megan Ford and I approve this message. Say something.


by Megan Ford

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