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PLAANT Is Bringing Green to Clothing

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December 16th, 2011

Plaant Streetwear

PLAANT is an art based designer streetwear brand located in Denver Colorado.  They want to put a soft Eco friendly tee on your back and get it to you in a plantable box.  Plant what you might ask? Well 40-70 seeds of different north American tree varieties & mycorrhizal fungi  to be exact.  They want to be a beacon on inspiration to other companies that waste and customer influence are just an important as a quality product.  Coming from humble beginnings and a graphically driven background PLAANT is coming into its 4th year as a brand to take notice to in 2012.  With very bold and catchy designs, PLAANT has something designed for any graphic taste.  Having just released their Winter 2011 streetwear collection on small business Saturday last month, they are already hot on the next season for the growing list of retailers and fans. These limited wares are gaining value in collectors and entrepreneurs eyes.

"I've pretty much been riding the wave of producing limited art for years" says co-founder & creative director David Bywater. “High school rolled around and I sucked at sports & my favorite activity; skateboarding. So I stayed behind the lens, shooting video & film of my friends. My photos turned into digital media and digital media turned into graphic design.” "It began with selling my art on posters outside of concerts, and on a long drive home one day in 2009 thought the medium of a shirt is better because it knows no age or boundaries".  Rather than being big headed and putting my name on clothes we wanted to create an entity that i could refine like a fine wine, and practice business strategy ideas rather than hustling on the street corner.  Over the years it's been a very grounding life experience and won't be stopping anytime soon."

PLAANT is constantly evolving, growing, and hopes to reach its full ideal potential in the coming years with your help.  With 2011's economic rebuilding its important to realize that small brands like are coming to the sport light more and more for innovate ideas that big brands need to take notice for.  Check out their new collection on or streetwear grotto

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