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Comparing iPads to Textbooks *Infographic*

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February 13th, 2012

A new high school textbook averages about $75. A new iPad costs about $500. With Apple’s release of iBooks 2 last month, they’ve included high school textbooks for about $15 apiece. Is it more cost effective for schools to start making the switch to iPad textbooks for their students in place of the standard old textbooks? The Infographic from Online Teaching Degree highlights some of the cost-related issues of Apple’s plans for iPads in high schools. For instance, if a brand-new high school is being built for, it is about 50% cheaper for the schools to supply students with iPads instead of purchasing new textbooks. However, it’s possible that it would then fall on students to purchase the iBooks for themselves, and at $15 a pop, that puts an added strain on low-income families, which happen to make up 31% of the families in this country.

Apple has suggested that schools replace their computers with iPads as well. In 2010, schools spent nearly $2 billion on just the software for classroom computers, which is enough to supply 5 million iPads. Unfortunately, 5 million iPads means only 10% of students actually get one, so it looks like Apple might need to rethink they’re strategy.

Many agree that iPads are an excellent idea, but we’ll certainly need more details regarding cost before we can decide whether or not it is feasible.

iPads vs. Textbooks
Created by: Online Teaching Degree

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