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Cool iPhone Controlled Beer Cannon; Never Leave Your Couch Again! *VIDEO*

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January 16th, 2011

Is this lazy? Or is this just genius? Ever been in the middle of watching your football game, finished your can of beer and don’t want to get up  to get another one risking you miss some good action? Here’s a solution!

25-Year-Old technology consultant, Ryan Rusnak invented a gadget that would help men get lazier - or sorry - aid men in never missing a sporting moment again!

With the help of some friends, Rusnack built a device from a basic vending machine that drops cold beverages. He added a compressed air cannon, combined with an awesome custom built iPhone app to control the device. You can see why Rusnak is a technology consultant.

Rusnack said it took over three months to get the calculations right in order to perfect the device.

"It was kind of famous last words: 'how much pressure should we use?'" said Ryan, "The first attempt smashed the can into the roof, and blew it into a thousand pieces."

Mini fridge beer cannon

Rusnack concluded: "After working an eight-hour day, a regular job, coming in and firing a can to yourself is just the best thing., Even now, I've fired it hundreds of times and it's still cool."

I really hope he posts up the step by step tutorial up so i can make my own!

[via newslitetv]

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