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Creative Japanese invent lap-shaped pillow!

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May 21st, 2010

According to BBC News online, Japanese men without a shoulder to cry/lean on are being offered a woman’s lap; made out of foam, to rest on instead.

While this is a little confusing, let me elaborate; the Japanese have invented a “lap pillow” that is shaped like the bottom half of a woman kneeling in the Japanese style. Basically, when a man is in need of laying down on a woman's lap and there is no woman - ta-dah! he has the LAP PILLOW!

The “lap pillow” which is being sold for 9,429 yen ($90) has sold over three thousand laps so far. The description on the site goes as follow:

"Missing that special someone? Longing for the feeling of comfort and warmth you only from a woman's lap? Maybe you just want to take a nap and need a pillow? Shaped just like a beautiful woman's lap, kneeling in Japanese-style, the Hizamakura "Lap Pillow" gives the best re-creation available, complete with your choice of a red or black skirt to top it off. Hizamakura is soft and elastic to the touch, and perfectly suited to laying your head on. You'll be surprised at how comfortable and real it feels!"

I found this very interesting, though not surprised since the Japanese never fail to bring humor and creativity into one jaw dropping mold. I’m not sure if this is something anybody would like to add to their Christmas wish, though a funny birthday/holiday gift it could be! So, gentlemen –red or black…skirt?!

by Mila Braz

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