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Excessive Internet P0rn Use Causes 'Sexual Anorexia'

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October 24th, 2011

You’re not going to believe this. Are you ready?

A new study out of Italy suggests that regular, long-term consumption of internet porn significantly reduces the libido of men in their early- to mid-twenties. Researchers are calling the resulting condition “sexual anorexia.”

No, this study was not conducted by a bunch of Italian mom’s trying to scare their sons away from porn. It was conducted by the Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine (or SIAMS).

According to Carlo Foresta, head of SIAMS, the survey of 28,000 internet users showed that many males (about 6%) become “excessive” consumers of internet porn as early as 14. That percentage jumps to about 25% for male internet users between the ages of 25 and 34.

Obviously, the effects of such overindulgence in the carnal arts are not good. Over time, it takes more and more to get these poor porno addicts sexually aroused. At first, this just means they are slower to get a rise from porn sites, and thus spend more time looking at them. Eventually, there is a general drop in libido and, in the end stage—i.e., full on “sexual anorexia”—it can become impossible to get an erection at all.

The good news? The process is reversible.

The bad news? I have no idea what the folks over at the Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine consider to be “excessive.”

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