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Fan Junkies: A New Social Media Site For Sports Fans

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March 28th, 2012

There’s a new Social Media platform out there that will help you consolidate all those sports news links you post on Facebook.

It’s called Fan Junkies.

According to Fan Junkies Founder Jonathan Ragus, the site will serve dual purposes.  “The appeal of Fan Junkies is the interaction between die-hard sports fan on a social networking platform without having to fill up their Facebook walls with nothing but sports," he said.


Ragus added, “Our inspiration was the lack of sports talk on FB and other social networking sites that led us to creating Fan Junkies.”

Their Press Release on states, “…fans can interact with one another through statuses, comments, chat rooms, private instant messaging and team groups pages. Not only will have a significant amount of exclusive content from around the entire Global Sports scene by dedicated fans, but it will also provide some of the most complete views and opinions of sports fans for the following sports: Baseball, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, College Sports, High School Sports, MMA, Professional Wrestling, the Olympics and so much more.”

Looks like it’s the place to be if you’re talking sports all day every day. I think Fan Junkies will generate a good community, but they’re really going to have to sell it hard to Facebook addicts like myself.  It takes me half a second to hit that “Like” button  and keep surfing.

Currently the site has 222 members. They also have 119 followers on Twitter , and 51 likes on Facebook . I’m sure these numbers will grow. I think one of their many selling points is that you’ll be able to create sports clubs on the site, and talk sports without reading about how someone “Just went outside get a breath of fresh air,” or  the classic “Like this picture and save a life”.


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