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Friday App Review: PlayUp, Now On Android

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April 17th, 2012

If you’re one of those people who enjoy being connected while watching the game, then PlayUp may be for you. This social sports network has it all when it comes to making sure you’re plugged into your favorite sport with friends and fans.

The Experience

I was able to connect both my Twitter and Facebook accounts (very

important), explore the “hangout areas” and meet other fans, get notifications, and check out a few international sports. Now I know many of you are thinking the ESPN app does a lot of these things as well. Keep in mind that PlayUp is  in the market to socialize the sports fan experience, not just push news and scores. This app allows for instant messaging, public discussion, and a chance to meet new people. It’s like being at home in your living room interacting with friends like they were sitting right beside you.

Currently I have it on my IPad, but the company as announced it will be made available to Android users.

Here's what PlayUp USA CEO Dennis Lee said recently in their company press release:

“With our availability on Android devices we are greatly expanding the ability for sports fans to enjoy real-time sports with more friends, family and other sports enthusiasts...This Android version enables better personalization and deeper social network integration so the app will conform to every individual user's preferences. We are thrilled that Android users can now experience what iOS users have been embracing since October - we expect they'll be thrilled about the app as well. It's perfect timing with the start of baseball season."

Verdict: Download, it’s worth a try.

It’s free, and worth the time to check out.  It's one of those apps that can really make watching the game more enjoyable if you don't have tickets to attend it live. You can check out a video of the app in action at   I would love to hear what you think.






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