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Japanese Engineers Create Extremely Lifelike Robot Girlfriend *Video*

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November 30th, 2011

Japanese researchers are making huge strides in the field of robotics. Every year, their creations are getting more and more lifelike.

So naturally, they are using this amazing technology to make realistic robot girlfriends.

As you can see from the video below, the robot girlfriends currently being developed not only have an extremely lifelike physical appearance. They also perform basic but very mechanically complex human mannerisms—like blinking and moving their heads and mouths—in a very natural way. Oh, and they can also hold a basic conversation.

If you watch the video and squint your eyes a bit, I think you’ll be surprised at how incredibly real the robot looks. So I guess we’re one step closer to making The Stepford Wives a reality.

Now, from a technology and science perspective, this is pretty awesome stuff. But from a human perspective, isn’t this about the most depressing thing you can imagine? I mean sure, it can be hard to find a woman who shares all your hopes and dreams and values and interests with whom you can share your life (and your bed). But do we really need robot girlfriends?

Hell, if we spent half the time it took to develop this model trying to meet actual flesh and blood women, we wouldn’t even need the robots in the first place.

[via Weird Asian News]

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