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Man infects himself with a computer virus

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May 28th, 2010

A British scientist has stepped into the future – the scientist has bridged the gap between technology and biology infecting himself’ with a computer virus.

Dr. Mark Gasson, a cybernetics expert from the University of Reading, purposely infected himself with a non harmful computer virus. He implanted a RFID Chip into his wrist as an experiment to show how implantable bionic devices are capable of catching computer virus.

The chip implanted in Gasson’s hand allows him to access computer labs and certain restricted areas of the University of Reading.  After successfully completing this step, Gasson and his colleagues created a virus for the chip.  When Gasson runs his hand over the card reader for the restricted area the virus duplicates in the database, and when others try to access that same area the virus implants itself on their access cards.

The RFID Chip has been hacked before, what makes this a big deal is that this is the first time the Chip has been hacked while implanted inside a human being.

Although the RFID Chip implanted inside Gasson will not affect his health, they are many people with bionic implants that are at risk. People with devices such as deep brain stimulators, pacemakers and cochlear implants could be in big trouble if there devices was infected with a virus.

This experiment has exposed a hole in technology that many people rely on to live a healthy lifestyle. Although the negatives were shown, an imagination leads us to belief that these bionic implant technology is a step into the future where people will be able to use these devices to brain memory and more.

by Maurice Cox

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