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Meet Jesper Bruun, The Worlds Most Downloaded Man

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April 23rd, 2012

Jesper Bruun, is the worlds most downloaded man. You may not recognize his face or his name but you have seen him everywhere. Bruun has been a happy tourist in Australia, a rock star in France, a family man in Bolivia and worked in a German bank, he has been seen more places than the Olympic torch!

Câmera Clara Photography Studio was intrigued with this man so they set out to meet him, to find out who he really is and to present it to the world.

Fernando Martins, a Brazilian photographer, representing Câmera Clara Photography Studio set off to meet up with Jesper Bruun and do a little interview of the World Most Downloaded Man. Martins knowing little English had a very awkward and for me uncomfortable to watch interview with Bruuns. Besides that it was an interesting concept and well done!

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