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Mercedes To Unveil World’s First Facebook Car

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January 10th, 2012

Just what we need! More distractions!

Just how important is Facebook in the modern world?

I mean, we know it’s important enough to be integrated into just about electronic gadget we buy. But is it also so important that you should also be able to update your status while going 70 mph, changing lanes on a busy interstate?

According to Mercedes-Benz USA, yes. Yes it is.

The prestigious luxury car manufacture has announced that they are currently working on the world’s first Facebook car...because what people really need when they’re behind the wheel is something to take their minds of all that stressful traffic.

Now, obviously, it would irresponsible for Mercedes to design an on-board computer system with access to all of Facebook’s features. So the Mercedes version of the social networking site will be scaled back.

Apparently you won’t be able to type out full, original status updates, but will instead have to choose from a selection of generic pre-written posts. So thank God for that.

But you will be able to distract yourself from what’s going on in front of your speeding vehicle by looking at a map of places and things your Facebook friends have “liked.”

Also, the car’s GPS will be integrated with your Facebook account so, if you choose, you can let everyone know where you’re headed all the time. (Why would the government ever have to spy on us? We do it for them.)

So, how long will it be before you can start getting into car wrecks because you were busy updating your Facebook status?

Well, Mercedes is unveiling the system this week, and says it will become standard on all their models by 2013. So there you go.

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