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Must Have Gadgets for Women

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April 26th, 2010

In today’s modern days technology is leading, with so many creative inventions gadgets are a must. Gadgets for the kitchen, safety, entertainment, and simply for storage come in extremely helpful in the long run for us Ladies. The best thing is now that most of these come sleek and the colors and skin of such gadgets can be changed. Here are some of my favorite must have.

Demy Kitchen Safe Touch screen Recipe Reader
Now i'm not a great chef, and i love being able to just look up a recipe - it means easy dinner... and no more of the "inventing." All i know is this is GREAT for the chef in training or simple a woman who loves to cook. A 7 inch touch screen monitor that holds up to 2500 recipes with a splash resistant screen that can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The device can sync by USB to a computer; also accessible to the internet. It comes preloaded with 250 recipes.
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Battery operated phone charger
With the invention of the Blackberry and the iPhone, it is hard to go anywhere and not see someone walking; head bent, and fingers fast typing away on their phones. Especially here in the US, most of us are outside of the house for majority of the day, so we rely on our cell phones to keep in touch with the world around us. This can be very draining to the battery and not to mention how annoying sometimes you have to stop at a coffee shop or a phone store to charge your phone. This has got to be the most convenient gadget ever. Just plug it into your phone and leave it your purse while you shop around and in a few minutes you should be set to go! Got to love it!
Buy at Amazon - Energizer Cel2Spr Energy To Go Instant Cellular Phone Power for Sprint

Purse Hooks
This is perfect for the ladies that love to go out after work or attend weekly happy hours. Forget placing your purse on the floor or finding an extra chair at the bar for it! Just hook this to the counter or table and hang your purse! No more dirty and wet bottom purses! This one made me extremely happy because I ride the subway a lot and sometimes I just want to put my bad down; and please know I don’t think there’s place that is germier than an NYC subway cart.
Buy at Amazon - Kate Aspen 11052NA Heart Purse Valet Handbag Holder

All in One Manicure & Pedicure set
Summer is pretty much here and the nail salons are going to be bustling with activities. What's happening for the next few months ladies? BBQ's, beach, pools - All i know is for the most part all of us girls need to find some minutes to squeeze in a manicure or a pedicure since all is bare during the summer. What's better than all of that at HOME. And not to mention, FREE? Well duh, the all in one manicure pedicure set!
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