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Mystery Ball for iOS is Released: Meet the Frenemies

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November 4th, 2011

Mystery Ball Logo Mystery Ball is an iOS game that hits the App Store today. It stars FRED, a neurotic, scared ball who is the subject of a grand experiment. FRED's world is populated with frenemies. He's not sure if they want to be friends, or something more sinister. Here's a roundup of all the frenemies FRED encounters throughout his journey. Mr Pail: Just look at those big, innocent eyes. Mr Pail is cute and sweet…maybe. If FRED gets near him, Mr Pail heads straight FRED's way. With no arms, a hug from Mr Pail's can seem more like a loving shove, which would be fine if not for the fact that FRED's worlds float in the air with no bumpers, fences, or walls keeping him from dropping over the edge. Mr Thud: When Mr Thud gets near FRED, he's ready to tee off – with FRED as a golf ball stand-in. Mr Thud produces a tee, plops FRED on it, and (internally) yells FORE. It would be best for FRED to avoid Mr Thud entirely, but it's not always easy; if FRED gets too close, he's automatically booted by Mr Thud. Ms StopNGo: Ms StopNGo's game is all in her name. She's a standard traffic light with a little magic thrown in. Anyone (FRED or frenemies) within reach of Ms StopNGo's light is affected by her: If she's red, everyone moves at a crawl; yellow is normal, and green is extra-fast. If FRED gets stuck at a red light, he's in trouble – hardly rolling at all. Luckily those pesky Mr Pails are slowed down, too. Mean Mr Pail: He's the Hyde to Mr Pail's Jekyll. While Mr Pail is arguably (aggressively) looking for a friend, Mean Mr Pail is only looking for enemies. He's twice as fast and hits twice as hard, so FRED should watch out. Mean Mr Thud: Mean Mr Thud makes the regular Mr Thud look like a leisurely putter. If FRED gets set up on Mean Mr Thud's tee, he's likely to get booted into the wild blue yonder. Luckily he mutters some pretty ominous gibberish whenever he's about, so FRED can detect his presence easily. Grab Mystery Ball in the App Store today!



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