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Social Networking: Friend or Foe?

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March 12th, 2010

In today's technical and digital age we often can often find ourselves losing touch with the outside world. No longer do you have to call your friends or family to wish them a Happy Birthday, send condolences, breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend, etc.

All you have to do is log on to Facebook, Myspace, You Tube, AIM, and a plethora of other social networking sites and blogs. Of course it's the easy way out of things. Sometimes you don't want to have a long and drawn out conversation about the shoes or guy you've had your eyes on for months. You can simply update your status (from the same phone you can't call a friend on) and receive notifications of about 1-2 sentences from friends giving their opinions. Oh I forgot to add they can like or dislike what  you say. I'm sure many of us wouldn't have the gall in real life to say we like or dislike what another party has to say with fear of the back lash. Social networking makes life easier so it may seem.

The question is then posed, "Is it too much?" Has social networking become our reality/existence in this world? I used to think that the extinction of the human voice came in the form of text messages. For awhile I honestly couldn't remember many of my friends' voices when they called and there was no way to translate lol, lmao, rotfl, etc into words, Therefore many times I was stuck for conversation. There is no need to call and find out what anyone is doing when you can find out on Twitter. For all the friends in your head aka celebrities, their lives are only a click away as well. If your'e like me and millions of others you find yourself logging on these sites daily, sometimes more than once a day to keep up with the latest gossip and to keep in touch with people you have'nt seen in years.

It seems like all harmless fun, but there have been cases where issues that shouldn't be deemed as serious or worth mentioning outside of the internet are transferred into real life. There have been breakups, hookups, and even deaths behind social networking. The internet is our easy way out of normal life it seems. I would hope that one day soon we all snap out of it. It would be nice to hear Happy Birthday from the voice of a friend rather than the red notifcation signaling a wish.

by Saida Mitchell

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