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Suspected Rapist Argues With Cops...On Facebook

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February 3rd, 2012

Suspected rapist Dustin McCombs, 21

I honestly don’t know what’s weirder: the fact that the police in Jefferson County, Alabama, have a Facebook page called “Creep of the Week” where they post pictures of wanted suspects; the fact that one of these so-called “creeps” stopped by this Facebook page to taunt the cops; or the fact that the cops actually took the bait.

You make the call.

Recently a man by the name of Dustin McCombs was charged with “rape by force”, and a warrant was issued for his arrest in Alabama’s Shelby County. Then, I guess in an effort to bring this suspected rapist to justice, the Sheriff’s Office in neighboring Jefferson County posted McCombs’ photo and vital information on their “Creep of the Week” Facebook page.

When McCombs discovered that he was listed as the Jefferson County Sheriff’s creep of the week, he was a little peeved. And of course, constitutionally speaking, he has a right to be—you know, because of that whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing. (Really, the page should be called “Alleged Creep of the Week.”)

So what did McComb do? He left a comment for them on their Facebook page.

What ensued was the most bizarre series of comments and replies you will ever see. McCombs and the cops go back and forth discussing his case...on front of the whole world.

Eventually, whoever is running the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Facebook account has the brilliant realization that they probably shouldn’t be discussing the case with this guy in front of the whole world. So they tell McCombs to be quiet, then delete all the whole conversation.

But of course, nothing is ever really erased. So here are snippets of the conversation. It’s like a scene from Law & Order being played out on Facebook—just too weird.

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