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This Aint Netflix: Boxee Now Streaming Unlimited Adult Movies To Your TV For $10 A Month

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November 1st, 2011

If you’re making a device intended to stream video content from the internet to a television, you’ve got some pretty big competition. Ever heard of a little company called Apple? How about Google?

This is the situation in which BOXEE finds itself. They’re trying to compete with Apple TV and Google TV in the burgeoning internet TV marketplace, but as a relatively small company, they have to find their niche—something they can offer that the other guys don’t.

Now, it seems they may have found it.

BOXEE has teamed up with internet porn streaming service FyreTV to offer unlimited porn on your TV for only $10 a month.

Of course, FyreTV had tried to make their own set-top box to connect their porn streaming service to your TV. However, it turns out that a lot of consumers don’t really want a box in their living room dedicated solely to porn (and advertising their freakiness to all who enter their house).

So, wisely, Fyre has shifted their focus and is now making apps for existing streaming devices and services like BOXEE.

For their part, FyreTV isn’t the first porn streaming app BOXEE has made available on its TV streaming service. But it is the most substantial. That’s because your $10 will get you access to over 15,000 adult titles. More importantly, this gives regular every-day perverts like you and me a way to access porn in a discreet fashion.

So, a word to the bigwigs over at Apple and Google: you’d better look out. Porn sells.

I couldn't find a video review of the FyreTV app on Boxee. But here's a review of the Boxee Box, so you can see if it's for you or not.

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