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Why You NEED A Panic Room Today! *INFOGRAPHIC*

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November 2nd, 2011

didn't even know so many people had panic rooms. I thought it was just Batman's dressing room in Dark Knight. At a gas station in San Antonio, armed robbers could only get away with a few packs of cigarettes when a clerk ran into a panic room. Rambo the local marijuana dealer in my old neighborhood could have used one when they robbed his arcade and shot him in his hand. Teachers in Kabul locked themselves into a panic room when Taliban suicide bombers attacked a British Council compound. Just yesterday, Serena Williams locked herself in a panic room when a tennis association drug tester appeared on her home's security cameras. She thought he was an intruder; he was there to collect a random urine sample.

I'm heavy into extreme security. I found a few good sources on panic rooms and what they're made of. I stumbled onto this infographic, developed by ADT Security, that lists all of the security features and living accommodations found in panic rooms. Think you're ready for 2012? I would just change the keypad lock and only let people in through retinal eye-scan. Unless you're Tom Cruise getting eye transplants drinking green milk, you are not getting in.

What would you equip this thing to keep the vampires and blind people with machetes out? Please reply freely in the comment area.

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