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Top 10 Reasons Why He Hasn't Called You Back!

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April 8th, 2010

Preventative care saves time, lives, and egos ...WOMEN this one is for YOU!

10. Inconsiderate Behavior - He takes you to dinner & as a gentleman he will pay, but that does NOT give you the green light to order the steak, lobster and 2 bottles of wine.

9. Disrespect - you spoke ill of an important woman in his life i.e. his mother that is a no go.

8. Flirtatiousness - you are out with HIM not your male waiter (or female for that matter) flirt with him.

7. Pseudo-intellectualism - you told him you enjoy Immanuel Kant, but the riveting conversation became stale because you embellished.

6. Up tight - we pay attention to your body language, so if you aren't purposely telling us to "back off" watch the signs you give off.

5. Flightiness - remain on earth! the more spaced out you are or on the phone/texting...we're thinking "why am i here again?"

4. You cant stop talking about your ex - you would think this would be obvious STOP IT!

3. You opened your mouth a little too quickly about a relationship/marriage plans - i'm trying to enjoy our time together and you're picking out floral arrangements? save that for your overnight with girlfriends.

2. Too clingy - before he met you he was free to do whatever and until youre in a serious relationship/married HE STILL IS!

1. Same as you ladies - be memorable 😉


by Darien Stone

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