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World’s Most Expensive Car Crash Occured Over The Weekend In Japan

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December 5th, 2011

14 car pileup exotic cars japanIn Japan on Sunday, somewhere on the Chugoku Expressway between Kyushu and Hiroshima, a nasty 14-car pileup became (in all likelihood) the world’s most expensive auto accident.

How could it be the most expensive car wreck?

Because it involved eight Ferraris, three Mercedes, one Lamborghini, and...uh, one Toyota Prius. Early estimates place the cost of the damage north of $3.85 million.

If that doesn’t seem like an extreme number to you, here’s a little perspective: a 30-car pileup that totalled 30 fully loaded 2012 Ford Tauruses would only cost about $1.14 million. That’s twice as many cars but only half the cost of the one that happened yesterday in Japan.

So now you’re probably wondering, why were so many high-priced exotic cars driving along the same stretch of highway at the same time? And how the hell did they all crash into each other?

It seems there was some sort of supercar conventinon being held in Hiroshima on the weekend. Actually, maybe “convention” is too formal. Let’s call it a “gathering.” Anyway, a bunch of people met on the internet and arranged a little supercar caravan to the supercar gathering. (The things rich people do...)

Along the way they figured “hey, we’re driving freaking Ferraris, so let’s open these babies up.” And they did. But it was raining, the highway was crowded, and they were driving in pairs (which is real smart). So when the lead car driven by a 60-year-old business man (of course) tried to go around a slower moving vehicle (the poor Prius) and crashed, they all crashed.

The incident shut down the highway for 6 hours, but luckily no one was killed.

Here’s some awesome Japanese news coverage of the accident. I have no idea what they’re saying, but you get the gist.


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