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44-Year-Old Mother Of 3 Caught Naked With Gun Pleasuring Herself Outside Red Roof Inn

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November 21st, 2010

Vikki Myers is 44-years-old and likes to keep herself happy. That is precisely what she was doing when she was caught by a cop, naked with a gun and pleasure devices.

Vikki was staying at the Red Rood Inn in Naperville, Illinois with her 3 kids when she decided she would retreat to her mini van outside the Inn and masturbate.

Around the same time, a cop was prowling the area on surveillance on another call when he saw a naked woman in a 2002 minivan. The situation seemed rather suspicious so he went up to the door and saw Vicki naked. At first Vicki claimed she was merely changing her clothes in the car. Her story would’ve been plausible if only the cop would never had witnessed the loaded gun along with some female self-pleasuring devices.

Vikki then gave in and confessed that she wanted some time for herself while her kids remained inside. She also said she’d just moved to Illinois from Texas and was unaware that northern cops aren’t ok with the fact that people driving are carrying loaded guns.

What’s interesting about the entire incident is that Vikki wasn’t charged with public lewdness for her ‘self’ activities. She was only charged with unlawful use of a weapon. And by the looks of her mug shot, Vikki must have reached 'happy' when she was found by the cop.

[via Truecrime]

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