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Asshole Going To Jail For Putting Naked Picture Of EX-GF On Internet

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November 1st, 2011

Stories of jilted lovers putting naked photos of their former flames up on the internet for revenge are as old as the internet itself. Unfortunately, it’s just a product of our digital age (and our apparent willingness to pose for nude photographs).

However, some people really take naked photo revenge to the extreme—people like 23-year-old Shane Webber of Nottingham, England.

Mr. Webber didn’t just post nude photos of his ex, 22-year-old Ruth Jeffery, online. He put them on Facebook and tagged her so all her friends and family would see them (before the Facebook police took the photos down). Then he sent the photos via email directly to her friends and family, using a fake email address he created using—for some reason—the name of his friend.

When Ruth Jeffery confronted him about the photos, which she knew were in his possession, he said they were stolen from his computer. And apparently, she believed his seemingly heartfelt denial.

Jeffery’s family, however, was not so easily convinced. They did a little cyber sleuthing and were able to trace the emails back to Webber.

That’s when the police got involved. They arrested Webber and charged him with harassment. On Monday, a court sentenced the douche to 4 months in jail and placed a 5-year restraining order on him.

Personally, I think he should have been sentenced to a kick (or three) in the balls.

Still, though I don’t want to blame the victim here, maybe this should be a lesson to young woman: don’t let your idiot boyfriends take nude photos of you, okay? There’s just nothing good that can come from it.

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[via BBC]

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