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"BJ Bandit" Breaks Into Homes and Performs Oral Sex on Sleeping Men

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August 7th, 2012

This story sounds a bit like a sexual fantasy, at first.  In Pennsylvania a dastardly criminal has been breaking into men's homes and performing oral sex on them while they sleep.

Unfortunately, the "BJ Bandit" looks nothing like the lovely lady to the right.

In fact.

The "BJ Bandit" isn't even a lady.  (You can scream now).

Harrisburg police say professional DJ Dajuan Porter followed men home from various gigs and lay in wait outside their homes until they crashed, commencing to break into their homes, tip toe to their beds, and I really don't want to imagine the rest.  Suffice to say, he blew them, and they neither asked for or wanted it.

What punishment is fitting for this situation?  Something tells me sending this bad boy to prison might be considered a reward in his demented head.  Maybe an all woman prison would amount to a personal hell for Dajuan.   In a side story, seems Dajuan's DJ business has gotten a boost in the Gay community.  Go Dajuan!  Spin it! Spin it!

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