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Book Thrown at President Obama During Philadelphia Rally; Naked Man Arrested

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October 12th, 2010

During a Philadelphia rally on Sunday President Obama avoided being hit by a hook thrown at him. Immediately after a naked man was taken away in handcuff and its not clear that he was involved in the book-throwing.

Later that day the Secret Service arrested and questioned an over zealous fan of the President who had tossed the paper back book.

According to Spokesman Ed Donovan, the booked tossed at the President was hand written and the man who threw it hoped that President Obama would read it. The man was interrogated and later on released after the Secret Service deemed that the man posed no threat.

This was not the only weird thing that happened that day, as a naked man was arrested and taken away for causing a little scene.

In August a billionaire, Alki David, offered to pay $1 million to the first person who streak in-front of President Obama. The billionaire promised to pay this in cash and required that the streaker writes the name of his website, Battlecam, across their chest. One man did it and you can see pics below.

Book Thrown at Obama and Naked Streaker at Philadelphia Rally 10/10/2010


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