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Brazilian Man Decapitated in Prison During Riot For Abusing Daughter & Fathering 7 Of Her Children

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February 10th, 2011

In the summer of 2010 Jose Agostinho Pereira from Sao Paulo, Brasil was convicted with imprisoning his daughter as well as fathering seven of her children. Earlier on Wednesday morning authorities announced that Jose was one of the six inmate killed earlier this week in a prison riot.

The Maranhao state public safety spokeswoman Maud Zaiban announced that Jose was decapitated by fellow inmates who broke into his cell in the city of Pinheiro.

Jose was convicted in June of 2010 with charges of imprisoning his daughter for 12 years in his home and fathering her seven children. According to the prosecution reports, Jose also abused two of the children he had with his daughter. In late December he was sentenced to 30 years in prison on sex abuse charges and depriving his daughter of her freedom through ‘private incarceration.’

According to Maud, the riots began after guards thwarted an escape attempt by several prisoners.

"They then raided the cell where inmates charged with rape and pedophilia were being held and killed six of them, four of whom were decapitated,"

Maud added that the other two were stabbed to death with makeshifts knives. The aborted escape attempt was motivated by the overcrowded conditions which is close to 100 inmates were packed into facilities that were made to hold 30. The rioting began on Monday and ended Tuesday.

The inmates settled down after they were coerced by the authorities with promises of tow pounds of marijuana, television set, fans to cool off the cells and the right to receive home cooked meals. Along with the physical demands the inmates were promised that 14 prisoners would be transferred to jails nearer their homes.

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