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California Man Arrested For Cooking, Eating Kitty Cats

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February 21st, 2012

Sweet, innocent kitties

Remember how Bob Barker used to end The Price Is Rightwith the line, “Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered”?

Well, there’s a guy in Oilsdale, California who got the first part right, but apparently misheard the second part.

He is helping to control the cat population in his neighborhood, but he aint spaying and neutering cats. He’s filleting and grilling them.

This past Friday, in a Bakersfield, CA, courtroom, Jason Louis Wilmert, 36, pleaded no contest to charges of eating an animal commonly kept as a pet/companion. In exchange for the plea, the DA dropped the more serious charge of animal cruelty.

Now Wilmert will be on probation for three years, perform community service, and seek mental health treatment. One would assume that the community service will be of the “picking up garbage on the side of the highway” variety and not the “mentoring at-risk youth” variety.

Either way, my guess is that Mr. Wilmert is going to be undergoing psychological treatment for some time.

Wilmert's Oilsdale home

The cat-eater’s legal troubles started when his neighbors called the police and reported that they could hear cats wailing on the man’s property. When police arrived, they reportedly found “evidence” suggesting Wilmert was intending to eat cats, though they wouldn’t say what that evidence was.

One neighbor, however, told reporters that Wilmert had a make-shift grill set up in his backyard which he used everyday, and that he once witnessed the man skin a cat alive.

Of course, this begs the question: and you only called the cops now?

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