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Carol Ortiz Has HUGE 20-Pound Breasts: Desperate for Reduction Surgery

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October 8th, 2010

While some are unlucky in the boobs department, others are too blessed that they need help to get rid of some of that blessed-ness. Meet Carol Ortiz, 21 from Bolivia is in desperate need of an operation to reduce her enormous breasts that weight 20 pounds.

Guys, this is NOT something to be excited over. This woman is in pain!

Carol, a new mother, suffers from gigantonastia, or hypertrophy of breast. This is a condition that can be brought on by hormonal changes in the body like puberty or pregnancy. It causes the breasts to balloon to abnormal proportions.

The young woman says she experiences constant pain and now has a bent back. Doctors say that the only remedy there is to perform breast reduction surgery. Unfortunately, Carol cannot afford it.

by Mila Braz

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