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Customs Officers Arrests Airline Passenger for Trafficking Crabs

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February 28th, 2011

Customs officers at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport was suspicious of a smelly  passenger.  They searched him and his luggage and found out the man had crabs.  No, not the sexually transmitted disease but actual crabs -- from the ocean.


The man, who remains unidentified at this point, said he had crabs from the Pacific Ocean he was bringing into Russia as aquarium souvenirs. But since the man had the crab shells with the crab meat still inside the dying and smelly crabs, custom officials didn't buy his excuse.

A Customs Officer at the Airport said "He said it was old washing but the smell was eye-watering."

Dude obviously didn't attend smuggling school and did he not anticipate that the crabs would die and begin to decay during the long, long flight to Russia. I'm at a loss sometimes to explain human behavior.

[via metrouk]

by Janine Wallace

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