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Florida Woman Pulls Gun On Man While Having Sex In A Moving Car

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September 12th, 2012

Amanda LinscottAmanda Linscott, 26, was charged with armed robbery after she allegedly pulled a gun out on a man while having sex with him in a moving car.

Linscott met the victim when she visited a pub in Port Charlotte on September 3rd, with a friend.

According to reports, Linscott and her friend left with the man that night, they went back to the man’s private residence where Linscott’s friend had sex with the victim, then the two women left.

The victim said Linscott’s friend asked for some money, so he gave her $120. Later that night he decided to called the friend's cellphone again for round two, they decided to meet up at the convenience store where  instead he was greeted by Linscott, no friend.

According to authorities, Linscott told him that her friend had abandoned her and she needed a ride home, she got into the victims car, and while he was driving she started having sex with him. While having sex with him, Linscott allegedly pulled out a gun and pointed it to the mans face demanding some money.

The man held the gun and Linscott punched him numerous times in the face for him to release the gun. The man then lost control of his vehicle, ran off road, crashed into a palm tree and skidded on two lawns.

Linscott then got out the car and took off running. She was later arrested and is being held without bond.

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