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Guy Gets Tattoo On Penis, Now Has Permanent Erection

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January 9th, 2012

Are all those refills on your Cialis prescription starting to take a toll on your bank account?

Well, here’s an idea: just get a tattoo on your penis.

Yeah, tattoos are expensive, too. Plus, they hurt (especially on your penis). But this 21-year-old Iranian guy got a tattoo on his penis a couple of years ago and his member has been at least semi-erect ever since.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: what, they stone women to death in Iran for being raped, but dudes can get penis tattoos?

Yep, apparently so. Nobody said life was fair.

Anyway, the unusual case of this particular Iranian guy was documented in the most recent issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The man’s medical team from Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences in Kermanshah, Iran, supposes that “most probably, the handheld needle penetrated the penis too deep, creating an arteriovenous fistula.”

What this means is, basically, the tattoo artist pressed a little too hard and accidentally crossed some wires in the guy’s penile circulatory system. Normally, to achieve an erection, blood flow into the penis through a set number of arteries; then it leaves through an equal number of veins. The tattooed penis analyzed in this study now apparently has more blood coming into the penis than going out, meaning it is permanently semi-erect.

So what are they going to do about this?

Well, nothing. Since the condition is painless, and since the man is still able to achieve full erections and get busy with his lady friend, he’s decided to just live with his semi-erect penis.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the tattoo says, in Persian, “Good luck with your journeys.”


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