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Email Still More Popular Than Social Media

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March 27th, 2012

Email is still more popular than social media, but a majority of people are using social media now. Photo via Technorati.

Don't delete your email account just yet! Everyone may be talking about Facebook, Twitter and now Pinterest, but everyone is also still using their email accounts to communicate and a just released survey says it's still the most popular method.

Eighty-five percent of people use the internet for email, while only 62% use the internet for social networking, according to a survey from private research firm Ipsos. The survey included almost 20,000 adults in 24 countries.

If you think about it, the internet was first used for sending letters, it shouldn't be surprsing that people are still using it send digital versions of letters, says Keren Gottfried, research manager at Ipsos. She adds that the majority of people online participating in social networking does show a paradigm shift since there's no equivalent in the offline world.

The number vary from country to country. In Hungry, 94% of people go online to use email, while the number is only 46% in Saudi Arabia. In Indonesia, 83% of people go online to social network (which in this study includes social media sites, forums and blogs). Social media use is also high in countries like Argentina (76%), Russia (75%) and South Africa (73%). The United States is in about the middle at 61%. Of the countries surveyed, it's the lowest in Japan (35%) and Saudi Arabia (42%).

While most people in the United States aren't using the internet for Voice-Over-IP (only 6%), other countries however average at about 14%. The Russia is the highest at 36%, Brazil is the lowest at 4%.

Two companies that are either primarily a social media network or have a social media network, Facebook and Google have both tried to replace email with their own services. Facebook launched a “modern message system” that was targeted for younger users. Google launched Google Wave, which they pulled the plug in two years later.

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